Let our Social Work Recruitment experts find the best candidates for your organisation.

Our social care team specialises in everything from centre-based care workers and community social work to substance abuse and child protection.

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Our social care team specialises in everything from centre-based care workers and community social work to substance abuse and child protection.

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    Roles We Recruit

    Permenent Part/Full Time & Contract Positions In

    Social Care

    Case Workers & Managers

    Support Workers

    Home Care Packages

    Care Managers

    Residential Workers

    Allied & Mental Health


    Therapists & Counsellors

    Occupational Therapists

    Speech Pathologists


    Corporate & Business Support

    Human Resources

    Accounting & Finance

    Risk & Comliance

    Office Management

    Administration support

    Why Choose ABRS

    Our consultant use their sector-specific expertise
    to find the best candidates for your role


    placement success rate*

    successful placements every year

    qualified candidates

    first connections on LinkedIn

    NFP salary packaging expertise

    100+ years combines experience

    sector specific consultant

    all profits support Banardos programs


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    How do I get started?

    Put simply, you give us a call and let us know what role you’re looking to fill. We will then allocate a specialist recruitment consultant who will conduct a thorough Job Briefing with the relevant Line Manager. From culture fit & management expectations to preferred vs essential skills, we cover every possible detail right at the start so that we can take the reins and find you the best possible shortlist of candidates to interview.

    What about contracting? Is that different to permanent recruitment?

    We recruit for both permanent and contracting work. In both scenarios, we take detailed job briefings and all candidates go through a rigorous screening process including interviews and reference checks. With permanent recruitment, you pay a one-off fee for our services and the successful candidate will work for you. With contractors, you pay an hourly rate which includes casual loading, superannuation and insurance. These contractors will be employed by us and you will only pay for the hours that they work.

    How does ABRS find candidates?

    We find your perfect candidate by advertising, searching our 60,000 strong candidate database and reaching out to our 30,000 LinkedIn connections. We also conduct proactive searches in order to find candidates who are not actively seeking new opportunities.

    After this initial search phase, we will work through all resumes and call anyone with a suitable background to create a long-list of candidates. From here, we continue our rigorous screening process which includes interviewing all candidates & conducting any relevant checks. After that, we provide a shortlist for the Line Manager. Once they have decided which candidates to interview, we will work with them to schedule interviews and whittle it down to the successful candidate.

    What about the unsuccessful candidates?

    We take care of that for you. We will let them know and relay any relevant feedback on your behalf.

    What happens once the candidate starts the job?

    We pride ourselves on providing a full service and that means looking after our clients & candidates well after the first day. With permanent staff, we check in throughout their first three months on the job. With contract and temporary staff, we call them during their first week and then on a monthly basis. We will also check in with you regularly to ensure that you are happy.

    What if the successful candidate isn’t the right fit after all?

    At ABRS, we have a Guarantee Provision which means that if a permanent candidate leaves within three months of starting for any reason other than work shortage, redundancy or employer relocation, we will make all reasonable efforts to provide a replacement for no additional fee.

    Will I get a refund if the candidate leaves within the first three months?

    Whilst we do not provide refunds, we will do everything within reason to help you find a suitable replacement for the role free of charge. This is in relation to permanent positions only and is not applicable to contract roles.

    Will I be dealing with lots of different agents?

    Whilst each member of our team is a specialist in a specific job, family & sector, we work with our clients to provide one Account Manager who will take care of their overall needs. Your designated Account Manager will meet with you regularly and keep our specialist recruiters up to date with all relevant information about your organisation. This model is designed to give our clients a highly tailored yet efficient service. When a specific vacancy is identified, however, the relevant agent will liaise with the Line Manager to conduct a thorough job briefing. This will ensure that you receive the specialised industry expertise which ABRS prides itself on.

    Is ABRS a charity?

    ABRS is a specialist recruitment agency administered by Barnardos Australia. Whilst we provide the same expert-level services as all other top recruitment agencies, we specialise solely in the Social Care sector and all of our net revenue is returned to Barnardos programs focused on supporting youth, children and families across NSW and the ACT. So when you partner with us, you get a highly specialised service whilst simultaneously giving back to the community.

    About Australian Barnardos Recruitment Services

    Founded in 2003, abrs is a specialist recruitment agency, administered by Barnardos Australia with all net revenue returned to Barnardos programs to support youth, children and families across NSW and the ACT.

    We are constantly responding to ever changing market needs to cater to employers and candidates across the vast Social Care sector. This now includes recruiting roles for not only not-for-profit organisations, but for purpose, NGO, federal and state government organisations within the Social Care sector.

    Consultants at abrs focus on specific areas of expertise within this sector so you can be confident that you are working with knowledge experts in that area of recruitment. Our specialist teams are able to assist you in recruiting the best candidates for all levels of roles, from entry level positions right through to Chief Executive Officer roles.

    Get A Free Consultation With A Consultant
    With Expertise In Your Sector.